February 2000 - Streatham
Julie's Birthday Party

Most amusing pre-party comments:
"Where's the nearest tube station?" (Matt Wagland)
"I thought everywhere in south London was in the same place." (Zac)

Best excuses for not coming:
Eliza: "leaving the country"
Mark Webb: "will be back in the US"

The Most Popular Cybergirl Award: Rachel

The "Whoops - I forgot my wife!" Award: Justin

Most Outrageous Dancing Award: Justin

~[David Bailey] Award for forgetting to take any photos for the Website again: me

Provider of Surprise Guests Award: Bill

Toilet Door Meets Chin at High Speed Award: SauMinh

Envy Award (Awarded for the most cunning method of getting two girls into bed): Kev

St Christopher Award for the furthest traveler: Pete (Bristol)

Shortest Journey Home Award: "Downstairs" Sarah

Most Bizarre and Dangerous Journey Home Award: Hugh